Explore Smartpoint SDK features

Extend Smartpoint

Custom plug-ins can be used to fulfill regional or agency-specific business needs, offer non-GDS ancillary services, integrate third-party applications, or integrate mid- and back-office systems. Plug-ins can be either a DLL or an EXE. Smartpoint SDK supports plug-ins for air, hotel, vehicle, booking files, client files, queues, terminal transactions, and XML transactions.

Use Tools

Plug-ins are developed using .NET Framework 4. The SDK provides templates for C# and Visual Basic, sample projects, and code snippets for accessing interface elements. The SDK Console is a plug-in that runs within Smartpoint and allows you to test code snippets without having to build an entire plug-in. You can use the Smartpoint developer mode, called Test Harness, to test your plug-ins locally.

Distribute Plug-ins

Plug-ins distributed through Marketplace require a Travelport certification to ensure the plug-in is suitable for access to Travelport’s production system. After a plug-in is approved, the plug-in can be loaded onto Travelport Marketplace, an e-commerce platform where third-party developers and Travelport can market solutions to travel agencies worldwide. Plug-ins created and deployed within an agency are not required to be certified by Travelport.