1. Download Postman

The free, third-party Postman GUI application allows you to test API requests and see examples before you add the API to your development environment.

Download Postman
2. Import an API collection and set up your Postman environment

Use Postman to test your credentials, send requests, and see responses. The online help provides instructions to set up your Postman collection.

Import API collection
3. Request an OAuth token to access the APIs

Follow the OAuth-based authorization procedure to request an access token, and then provide that access token with every call.

Request OAuth Token
4. Review the documentation for additional details

Review the documentation to make sure you build your API requests correctly.

Review documentation
5. Download Swagger files and schemas

Download reference files, Swagger files, and/or schema files for the APIs.

Download Swagger files
6. Send requests and test the transactions

After you have everything set up, start building out some API transactions to test the functionality.