Explore Booking Feed features

Analyze travel patterns

Travelport Booking Feed offers a rich, accurate, reliable, and flexible data source to help negotiate better deals with vendors, monitor travel budgeting, and enhance Customer Relationship Management. It provides reliable data to monitor reservation compliance with travel policy right after a booking is made, not after the trip is taken.

With Travelport Booking Feed, travel business managers can extensively analyze travel patterns and travel policy compliance, as well as assist in vendor negotiations, business operations, and budgeting. Travelport Booking Feed also supplies customers with factual, supervisory guidance by providing cost containment based on database management.

Travel tracking

The power of Travelport Booking Feed allows you to track where travelers are in the world, based on real-time pre- and post-ticketing data, depending on your Travelport System connection. You can receive daily alerts for the number of itineraries booked outside of travel policy and respond quickly when business travelers are in high-risk countries or situations by generating on-demand lists.
You’ll receive an automated message when

  • A booking is created
  • An existing booking is modified by adding or deleting an itinerary item.
  • A fare quote is added or deleted
  • A ticket is issued, voided, or un-voided

In-house and ad hoc Reports

With Travelport Booking Feed, you acquire the ability to gain strategic, operational, and tactical views of a business. Bookng Feed also supports you in winning and maintaining corporate accounts by providing you with relevant ad hoc and travel reports. You can monitor sales of preferred vendors as well as create sales forecasts and market share reports, using any report-writer tool.